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My name is Linards Liberts I am founder of sula.lv. My passion is Birch trees. Have you ever drunk fresh, pure birch sap?

Do you know that birch sap is super healthy and ~90% of Latvians drink it on spring time ~1-5 liters in day?

From one tre we can get ~5-10 liters on day, here is video about collecting process.

I also produce fresh birch sap, fermented birch sap lemonade with hint of peppermint, sweet and tasty birch sap syrup, birch sap still wine, sparkling wine made with traditional champenoise method with second fermentation in bottle, birch sap spirit, frozen birch sap (for cosmetic and beverage industries)

For all my products please visit product page.

Here is article on http://www.wine-searcher.com

You can send me email: info(at)sula.lv or call me + 371 29 29 74 69